Covid-19 Information

At Martin City Animal Hospital, we are prioritizing the health of our staff in an attempt to stay open and be able to care for your pets. We ask that you call ahead for all appointments and needs so we can limit our exposure to the public. This is uncharted waters for the world - we ask that you be patient as we navigate the coming months. 

Some important points:

  • We are limiting our elective procedures due to low personal protective gear availability as well as low inventory on critical anesthesia drugs. 

  • Healthy pets that are due for annual vaccines (and have been well vaccinated in the past few years) will be scheduled but may have to wait a week or two for an appointment. 

  • Animals that are high risk for disease, are in the middle of a vaccination series or have underlying health issues that make vaccines necessary, will be seen with greater priority.

  • Animals in need of rabies vaccine can be seen to ensure safety and legal compliance.

  • Young animals that need vaccinations or are in the middle of their vaccine series, will be seen with greater priority.

  • Injuries, illness, and critically ill patients will be seen with the highest priority.

  • Chronic illness rechecks will be seen if needed or if they seem unstable.

  • Surgeries will be scheduled if needed to preserve the health and quality of life for the pet (i.e. a foreign body surgery or an abscessed tooth).

All patients will be seen using our new, “curbside care” protocol.

  • When you arrive at the clinic, call us. Our staff will check you in over the phone – taking a thorough history and discussing possible diagnostics based on the concerns. Do not come into the clinic. 

  • A staff member will then come outside and get the pet from your car. We ask you practice social distancing as much as possible so our staff can stay healthy. Allow us to get your pet out of the car. If your animal is fearful or aggressive, please take your pet from the car while wearing a mask and hand the leash to our employee. 

  • We will then perform a thorough exam and the doctor will call you while you wait in the car.

  • If any testing or radiographs are needed, the staff will get these done and an appropriate treatment plan will be developed.

  • We will then collect payment over the phone and bring your pet back to your car.

  • The only exception to this plan will be if euthanasia is warranted but we ask you only bring 1-2 people to that appointment and no children. You will be required to wear a mask during the entire visit. 

At this time, all evidence suggests that our domestic animals cannot become infected with this virus but they may be able to carry the virus on their fur or skin for a short period of time (like a coffee mug or pencil might). No need to get rid of your pet or panic but if someone in your home is positive - keep the family pet isolated from the positive person as a precaution for other humans in the home. 

Below are links to verified resources about Covid-19 - an acute respiratory disease caused by the novel corona virus, SARs-CoV-2. We will try to keep this page updated so you can be informed and as safe as possible!

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